Pronto engineered oak planks are manufactured from a rustic grade of sustainable European Oak combining a 2.5 mm solid Oak wear layer engineered onto an 11mm, three layer substrate. This trusted method of construction provides a long wearing, stable and durable floor with a finished thickness of 13.5mm. Perfectly suited for multi residential, residential and commercial installations.


  • Size: 1820 x 190 X 13.5mm (Length x Width x Thickness) Contains nested short boards.
  • Pack QTY: 2.075 m2 per pack
  • Surface Finish: 2.5mm Solid Oak wear layer; Light wire brush surface
  • Grade & Surface: A/B/C/D Rustic Grade contains knots and split defects that are filled and patched to compliment surface colour and character. Allows for other rustic features such sapwood, raised grain, along with colour variation to enhance rustic character. Visual appearance will suit those seeking a heavily featured rustic grade for their installations. Pre-finished, European PU matte coating.
  • Click System: Valinge Patented 5g Click; Quick and easy to lay – no dust, no smell and no mess. Please consult with your supplier for specific site install guidelines prior to installation.
  • Edge: Micro Bevelled Edges
  • Slip Resistance: In accordance with AS/NZS 4586, R10
  • Fire Test Data: AS/ISO9239.1.Critical Radiant Flux, kW/m2.7.5 kW/m2 Mean Smoke Development, 17 percent minutes.
  • VOC Emissions: <E1 (Below World Health Organisation Levels)
  • Colour Range: Chicory, Prontofino, Ponderosa, Regal Oak, Santorini, Spindrift
  • Engineered to exacting standards
  • Manufactured from environmentally certified resource
  • Extremely stable with excellent wear resistance
  • Wear layer can be refurbished and rejuvenated when required
  • An extensive range of accessories- trims, coloured scotia and stair nosing is available, please check for availability.


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COLOR DISCLAIMER: We endeavour to ensure that our photos are as true to actual product colours as possible. However, photo colours may vary due to inconsistencies of various monitors, lighting sources, digital photography and dye lot variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately portrays the true color of the product. Screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. Colours can be verified by viewing a product sample from our showroom. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to sales.goodwoodfloors@gmail.com or call us on 08 8272 6888 or 0431 577 963.

You have purchased a high-quality, prefinished engineered Rustic flooring product. The product is coated with formaldehyde-free, lacquered surface which is ready for installation and will not require any special treatment directly after installation. It is important to note that regular care and maintenance responsibilities are required to better preserve the surface and its coating. If you follow these general cleaning and required maintenance guidelines your new floor will perform as intended for many years to come.

· Please ensure that an ideal room-climate with about 45-60% Air Humidity and 20°C is provided. This indoor climate is good for both your health and for the overall performance of the floor.

· Daily cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner, static mop or a smooth floor-broom. Any sand or dirt should be immediately removed because they can cause scratches and damage the floor surface. Please ensure no metal screws or sharp edges are evident on the vacuum head.

· Whenever necessary, the floor surface can be cleaned with a well-rung damp-dry mop. Do not use conventional household cleaning solutions as they will generally be abrasive and damage the surface coating. Never use the traditional wax or steel-wool on your lacquer-finished parquet floor. A PH neutral cleaning solution is required, please observe and follow manufacturer’s instructions. Bona or similar brand floor care kits are ideal way to help maintain your PRONTO Oak floor.

· It is vitally important that you affix felt strips or suitable protection under any furniture-bases, chair-legs and commonly movable objects. At entry points and for high traffic areas the use of floor mats to remove entry grit and dirt is recommended and will be very useful to help preserve your floor surface coating.

· Additional surface coatings are not required for your pre-finished parquet floor. Once installed its ready to walk on.

· Timber is affected by natural and artificial UV light and therefore will change colour when exposed for long durations. Floor coverings such as rugs and mats should not be placed immediately after laying. The floor should be allowed to stabilise for a few weeks before rugs and mats are positioned.

· In case of any damage on the lacquer-surface (e.g. by furniture movement etc.), acquire advice and assistance from a qualified installer or specialist retailer that is knowledgeable about timber flooring products

· If you insist on DIY repairs, lightly sand the affected area with a 120 to 150-grid sand-paper, followed by touch-lacquering the damaged area. It is necessary to test the lacquer material on a left over plank / sample or hidden surface of the floor to assess the expected results. Remember, the warranty will not cover repairs undertaken without the distributor’s agreement.

Your PRONTO Oak Floor is a living material that will expand and contract in shape if moisture or humidity is raised. It may also shrink if moisture or humidity becomes very low. As a natural product damage from these circumstances may lead to irreversible deformation of the floor if the room climate and humidity is left too high or too low for an extended period of time. In Winter months for example if the humidity (RH) in a heated room goes below the specified 45 % the floor may be subjected to conditions that may result in plank changes. In this case you should install an Air Humidifier to prevent damages to your floor. The same may also be necessary with Air conditioned rooms.

Disclaimer: Goodwood Floors SA with its supplier has used its reasonable endeavors to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained herein and, to the extent permitted by law, will not be liable for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in this information nor for any actions taken in reliance on this information. Products must be installed in accordance with relevant installation recommendations and industry best practices.

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