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Aluminum Venetians Blinds

Sleek and Sophisticated

It is no secret Aluminium Venetians have been in existence for many moons, but our slimline Venetians are on trend and add contemporary style to any home. Lustrous anodised or powder-coated metallic finishes make these blinds water-resistant and favorites for kitchens and bathrooms. Light-reflecting qualities help regulate temperature and add extra luminosity to any room. Cool and light-weight Aluminum Venetian Blinds are ideal for any home, adding a sleek, sophisticated, and contemporary edge to your décor.


A simple twist of the wand mechanism is all it takes to control the light, view, and temperature. A child-safe cord allows the blinds to be raised and lowered, also can be locked into any position.  A classic design with a modern finish, what is not to love!


Custom Made - Built to withstand the harshest of Australian conditions. With all components anodised and powder coated, reflective qualities help control temperature.

Hold Downs - Hold-down pins can be ordered if you wish to open the window with the blind in the down position.

Light Control - Filter the light coming into a room with the simple twist of a wand. Or using the Child-Safe cord to completely raise or lower the blind.

Low Maintenance - The aluminum slats are exceptionally durable and can be custom-made.

Sun-Limiting Design - Our optional Good nighter Privasee Punch uses a custom machine to punch the cord holes into the slats with a slight crimp, which reduces the amount of sun bleeding into a room and is ideal for bedrooms.

Water Resistant - Ideal for wet areas such as laundries, bathrooms, and kitchens.

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