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Roller Blinds - Single and Dual

Stylish and Functional

Roller Blinds are the most popular interior blinds, a cost-effective solution, as well as an easy way of adding colours and styling your window furnishings. Available in a huge range of different fabrics, styles, colours, and textures. Highly efficient for light, sun, and privacy control, and uninterrupted views once the blinds rolled up. Consider the option of Dual Roller Blinds — conveniently fit two blinds into one bracket, a sheer sunscreen blind, and a block out blind on one window to create a functional and stylish window covering.


Combo (Dual) Blinds Option - The Combo Blind systems allow two blinds to be fitted to the one bracket – providing the glare-free view with a sheer blind and a block out blind for privacy. We offer different brackets which are genuine - Acmeda & Sunboss, allowing flexibility in your choice of roll configuration and control sides.

Perfect Pelmets - Get spoilt for choices of different Pelmet designs. They are the perfect additions and are provided with a special touch that really shows off the custom design of your window coverings.

Choices of Trims - Our roller blind trims range from simple timber battens inserted into the hem of the blind to D-shaped or oval rails in a selection of colours such as - Pure White, Sandstone, Bone, Matt Silver and Black, to decorative trims like scallops, round, or square cut-outs, and complimentary braids and tassels. We have got it all!

Motorisation - Somfy and Acmeda motorised Roller Blinds are offered to create the ultimate window treatments. At the touch of a remote-controlled button or flick of a switch, blinds can be raised, lowered, or stopped at any point for privacy or to let the light stream in. Ideal for homes with lots of blinds in large living spaces or sunrooms. Use via Apps, CBUS, or Home Automation system integration is also available.

Big Blinds - Finding an attractive, functional way to cover large windows to provide privacy and shade has proved challenging – until now. Our BIG Roller Blind system uses heavy-duty aluminum tubes to create easy-to-operate blinds up to 4.5m in width, with easy operation using a geared side controller.

Easy Linked Systems - Using the Acmeda Easy-Link system, covering large areas – especially Sliding doors, has never been easier! Link 2-4 blinds together to cover your span, with minimal gaps in-between blinds (approx. 15mm gap).  Blinds can be chain operated or motorised and can be configured for single or dual operation. 


The fabrics of Roller Blinds are sourcing from all major suppliers such as Textsyle, Shaw, Hunter Douglas, Mermet, Four Families and Wilsons, etc. The fabrics can be sorted into 3 major fabric types – Screen & Sheer, Light Filtering, and Blockout.

Screen & Sheer Fabrics

Sunscreen or sheer roller blind fabrics are perfect for homes where natural light is required however some privacy and glare protection is limited. Sunscreen fabrics can block up to 99% of light whilst still allowing a view to the outside keeping that light and airy feeling. It is important to remember that at night when it is dark outside, and the lights are on indoors there will be no privacy given.

Light Filtering Fabrics

Light Filtering or Translucent fabrics are capable of providing privacy whilst still allowing sunlight.  They will provide more privacy than a sheer or mesh fabric and will enhance the ‘glow’ of light coming into the room.  Perfect for disguising windows with undesirable views such as fences or neighbors. These fabrics come in a wide range of colours, textures, and designs.

Blockout Fabrics

Our Blockout fabrics are capable of controlling sunlight and reducing built-up heat. They are ideal for those rooms in the house where families congregate or rest, such as the bedrooms or home cinema. The fabrics used not only block out light and reduce heat but also protect flooring and furniture from the damaging effects of the sun, such as bleaching and fading.

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