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Roman Blinds 

Elegant and Soft Touches

Elegant Roman Blinds make a statement - offering a clean-cut contemporary look and finish that is highly popular for today’s modern decor. They cover a middle ground between the minimalist style of Roller Blinds and the softer finish of Curtains. Raised fold by fold creating a soft layered feature, Roman Blinds enhance the character and style of any room in an instant. They also allow heat, light, and privacy control with block out or light filtering effects.


Soft folds of fabric are a characteristic feature of Roman Blinds which add a certain warmth and charm to a room. The panel effect provides a design detail that can range from subtle to dramatic, depending on the choice of fabrics and finishes. No matter what style is decided on, you can rest assured of a designer look and lift up your décor above any ordinary, as well as knowing you have a high-quality product that will stand the test of time.


Using a simple chain or cord-lock mechanism guided through regularly spaced battens, Roman Blinds concertina as they are raised creating a rich, luxurious feel as the fabric folds upon itself. Their unique design works well with a range of fabrics, providing a stylish way to control light, privacy, and temperature.

Roman Blinds are available in 8 colours of Jamaican Roman design which Jamaican Battens tie in with any fabric choice or room architecture.  Also offering a half-panel style, in which the Panels fold through the panel rather than at the batten line, which reduces the stack height.

A fantastic asset to the Roman Blind is that it can be installed in the same room as a Roman-style Panel Glide over a large sliding door, and the battens can be lined up to match the Panel Glide – giving a seamless look and tying two blind styles together.


Two Operation Choices - The Roman Blinds are available in either our quality Chain Operation system or our Deluxe Cord Lock system.

Self-Aligning - We use self-aligning cord guides to ensure blinds do not skew while being raised or lowered – ensuring the quality of the product when operating the blind.

No-Sew Lines - In our Roman Blinds, we use aluminum battens that do not warp and bend over time like some other timber battens They require no sewing, so you do not see any inhibiting sew lines.

Jamaican Style - Give you a home that feels like a year-round resort with our Jamaican Style Roman Blinds – they give any room an instant oriental feel. Our Timber Battens are available in 8 colours – Black, Cedar, Jarrah, Natural Clear, Off White, Snow White, and Wenge Dark Walnut.

Align Battens - When ordering multiple Roman Blinds, we can easily align the battens for each blind to ensure they give a cohesive look around the room.  Even better, if you have a Roman-style Panel Glide in the same room, we can align that too!

Half-Panel Design - Half Panel Romans are a variation of the standard which raises every batten instead of every second batten. This causes the fabric to fold halfway through a panel and significantly reduces the stack height.

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