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Timber Venetians Blinds

Warm and Charm

Natural timber adds a definite warmth to any room, and Timber Venetians are no exception. Timber Venetians are the perfect window dressing no matter your decorating style is a country charm or modern resort. For a lighter, brighter feel, choose a painted finish for French provincial chic or a breezy beachside ambiance. These blinds come standard with a large 82.5mm matching pelmet and sit beautifully in any number of design themes. Complementing a wide array of design styles, Timber Venetians offer fashion, function, and versatility as well as adding instant warmth and charm to any room.


Our Timber Venetians offer 46mm-50mm blades tilt 180 degrees to allow precision control over light and privacy, while a simple cord control makes it easy to raise and lower blinds for uninterrupted views.


Three different ranges of Timber Venetians offered and as explained below

Basswood Timber Range

Basswood Timber Venetians are manufactured with Plantation Basswood which is painted – in the choice of two timeless colours. This given the look, feel, and warmth of natural timber with the modern touch of a painted finish. This selection has a blade size of 50mm.

50mm Fusion Composite Range

Our Fusion Timber Venetians are a combination of two high-quality engineered products – PVC and Polystyrene. This robust material is perfect for installation in damp conditions which makes it perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. The 50mm slats are available in 5 on-trend colours ranging from whites to charcoal grey.

Western Red Cedar Timber Range

Our Western Red Cedar Range is a natural timber, which has a lacquered (not oiled) finish.  The 46mm blades are available in 3 different colours, which will complement any architectural features in your home.  These Venetians require no up-keep due to their lacquered finish.


Tilting Blades - Timber Venetians allow for easy control of light, views, and privacy with blades that tilt 180 degrees, so they can be adjusted to the perfect setting each time.

Synthetic ‘Timber Look’ - Our Fusion range has PVC & Polystyrene blades, which makes it ideal for laundry, bathrooms, and kitchens – it will not warp like a natural timber would over time.

Cord Control - Our Timber Venetians come with two sets of cord controls per blind. One set for tilting blades back and forth, and another set for raising and lowering the blind.

Matching Pelmet - A standard 82.5mm pelmet is supplied in the same material, which covers the headrail and gives the blind the perfect finish.

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