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Vertical Blinds

Versatile and Optimum Light Control

Vertical Blinds, also known as ‘vertical drapes’ or ‘louvre drapes’ are a classic and highly versatile blind solution that gives optimum light control and flexibility. They are a popular choice in homes across the country as they offer a level of light control most other options cannot and for many great reasons. The blades can be rotated to be fully open, closed, or anywhere in between. They can be drawn back almost completely off the window. Their narrow profile and ability to be tilted to any angle allow plenty of natural light streaming inside, while still enjoying a high level of privacy. They are also a great practical option for sliding doors and large windows, where sun protection required and the gliding back providing easy accessibility. Vertical blinds can be custom made by using a range of fabrics, operation styles and finishes.


These highly functional blinds are made from slim blades of fabric that hang from a track positioned above doors and windows. The blades are available in four sizes: 63mm, 89mm, 100mm, 127mm, to suit multiple reveal depths. Each panel is weighted at the bottom to make tilting and drawing the blinds back a smooth and effortless operation. Blades can be weighted with Chained, Chainless or Sewn-In weights (but note, 63mm blades can only have sewn-in weights). There is a large selection of plain, textured, light-filtering, block out and patterned fabrics to suit any style.


Weight Types - Available in a range of chained, chain-less or sewn weights. Over areas that with the breeze may affect the blind such as sliding doors we recommend chained weights, in other areas chainless are most common.

Multiple Configurations - A Vertical Blind can be made to stack on either the left or right of a window or where necessary can open in the centre, so the blinds stack half each side. This is perfect for large openings and sliding door areas.

Strong, Easy Glide Parts - Our SABS Range of Vertical Blinds is manufactured using long-lasting carriers and accessories. We only use stainless steel spacer links, where cheaper systems use plastic.

Range of Track Colours - Our sleek slimline track system is available in 5 colours and can have an optional fabric insert inserted into the track to complement the blind.

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