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Veri Shade Blinds 

Clever and Chic

Veri Shades as the new product is the “clever curtain” on the market combines the best of both worlds - the softness and style of Curtains and the versatility of Vertical Blinds. Not only will benefit from the ultimate light control that Veri Shade Blinds provide and crafted from a soft fabric with alternating translucent and opaque panels, but you can also have the soft, chic look of Curtains with the versatility of Vertical Blinds.


Unlike usual Curtains are either open or closed, Veri Shades are made with separate fabric panels which function on a single track. This allows you to walk through the blind at any point between the folds. Veri Shades have higher levels of functionality. With no cords or chains, Veri Shades are Child Safe and Pet Safe Blinds. With the ultimate level of light and privacy control, simply twist the blinds for varying levels of light, shade, and privacy, or draw the blind for obscured views. 


Veri Stylish - Veri Shade individual curved fabric folds offer a soft and stylish chic look and feel. The 100% polyester fabric is available in a wide range of styles and neutral colours to suit every interior. The fabric has ultraviolet protection of 50+, perfect for protecting your furniture and carpet.

Veri Functional - As the folds are separate, you are free to walk through the blinds at any point. Perfect for sliding doors. With no cords or chains, Veri Shades are child-safe and pet-safe.

Veri Easy Operation - Veri Shades are easy to use. Operated with a wand on a single track, Veri Shades are simple to use. Simply twist the wand to darken your room or let the light in. The translucent panels allow light to enter but maintain daytime privacy.

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