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Honeycomb Cellular Blinds

Unique and Show-Stopping

The unique pleated design of Honeycomb Cellular Blinds forms air pockets which create a natural insulation barrier. This makes them one of the most effective ways to help reduce cooling and heating costs in residential and commercial buildings. Available in a range of colours and transparencies, they make an attractive, practical alternative to traditional window coverings. Honeycomb Cellular Blinds do not just look fantastic, their clever design provides a great range of features and benefits to make them a smart choice for any room. A wide range of fabrics and styles allow this show-stopping blind to make any room shine.


Honeycomb Blinds can be installed in the recess of the window or on the face of the window, depending on the situation at hand.  There are 4 styles of transparencies available: Sheer, Light Filtering, Semi-Opaque, and Blockout, and the interactive swatch will give you a great idea of what to expect from this stylish blind. Blinds can be corded, continuous cord loop, cordless or motorised.  Although they may seem like a simple design, these blinds are custom-made to your measurements and can be configured in many ways.


High-Performance Fabrics - The fabric is made from spun polyester, which provides a soft look with incredible insulative properties. The compact headrail provides minimal light gaps at the sides.

Low Maintenance - You probably would not think so, but we promise, these blinds are incredibly easy to keep clean! And the fabric bounces back from rough-handling, meaning it can stand unto the test any family puts on them.

Corded or Cordless Options - Available in corded, continuous cord loop, cordless or motorised, this blind is a wonderful option keeping child safety in mind. The design also has no visible cord holes in the fabric for a clean look.

2 On 1 System - Cover large windows with the control of operating blinds separately by ordering the “2 on 1” system, which has two separate blinds fitted to the one sleek headrail.

Day-Night Styles - Cover all bases with the “Day & Night” blinds, this solution is not only on-trend but also space-saving and makes for one happy customer!

Specialty Shapes - Got a tricky window designed by an architect? Honeycombs can be made in a selection of custom shapes to help fit even the hardest of windows!  We can even provide honeycombs to suit skylights, just ask us how!

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