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The stunning new De Marque Parquetry Collection is now available with a Universal Tongue & Groove profile that enables multiple pattern assembly to create many different visuals. With a contemporary palette of pre-finished colours, the range will provide wonderful warmth and charm to almost any interior. It’s perfectly suited for residential, multi-residential and commercial applications.


The De Marque 21/6mm Parquetry Oak planks are manufactured from sustainable Real Oak timber combining a 6 mm solid Oak wear layer engineered onto a 15 mm plywood substrate. This trusted method of construction provides a long-wearing, stable and durable floor with a finished thickness of 21mm.


  • Size & Length: 600 mm length, 120mm width, 21mm thickness, 6mm Wear Layer. Also available in 600 x 120 x 15/4mm (Length x Width x Thickness/Wear Layer).
  • Pack QTY: 0.576 m2 per pack. 88 cartons per pallet.
  • Profile Description: Engineered Oak, Universal Tongue & Groove (1 side tongue/3 sides groove). 4 sides Micro Bevelled Edges.
  • Grade & Surface: A/B/C/D Grade contains knots and split defects that are filled to compliment surface character.
  • Slip Resistance: In accordance with AS/NZS 4586, R10.
  • VOC Emissions: < E1, (Below World Health Organisation Levels)
  • Fire Test Data: AS/ISO9239.1.Critical Radiant Flux, kW/m2.7.5 kW/m2 Mean Smoke Development: 17 percent minutes.
  • Parquetry Installation: we recommend a full trowel spread adhesive bonded to a homogenous, flat and dry surface such as plywood. Wooden tongue inserts are provided to aid pattern design and assembly. For concrete slabs, the slab must be dry <2.2% with full Moisture Barrier applied. The parquetry is then adhered with a matching brand elastomeric wood floor adhesive & weighted to improve bond integrity. Sika brand products are recommended. T&G parquetry is not suitable for floating installation. De Marque Oak Parquetry must be Direct Fix Installation only.
  • Key Features: Engineered to exacting standards. Manufactured from environmentally certified resource. Extremely stable with excellent wear resistance. Wear layer can be refurbished and rejuvenated when required.An extensive range of accessories, trims, coloured scotia and stair nosing are available, please check for availability.


COLOR DISCLAIMER: We endeavour to ensure that our photos are as true to actual product colours as possible. However, photo colours may vary due to inconsistencies of various monitors, lighting sources, digital photography and dye lot variations, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately portrays the true color of the product. Screen images are intended as a guide only and should not be regarded as absolutely correct. Colours can be verified by viewing a product sample from our showroom. Swatches are indication of colour only. Colour and grain variations from images and samples are to be expected. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to or call us on 08 8272 6888 or 0431 577 963.


Proper maintenance is necessary and a vital requirement to maximise the performance and enjoyment of your flooring investment. A well maintained floor will provide many years of service life and will add to the overall warmth and charm that only a natural flooring product can provide. If you follow this industry acknowledged guidelines the task of maintaining your flooring will become a regular function in the overall upkeep of the property. If you’re unsure regarding any of these steps please consult with your flooring retailer to assist with your inquiry.

General maintenance, how to care for your De Marque Oak floor:

  • Sweep floor regularly with an electrostatic broom, soft bristled broom or wood floor mop.
  • Dust and or clean with a soft bristled vacuum head. Ensure vacuum head is non-abrasive.
  • Remove spills promptly with an absorbent cloth or similar.
  • Place mats at exterior and interior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic.
  • Use a rug or matt in high traffic areas.
  • Where possible periodically relocate rugs or large items to allow natural aging of the floor surface area. For new floors please refer rug and mat details noted below.
  • Stick soft pads to the base of all furnishings in contact with the floor.
  • When moving heavy furniture or appliances always pick it up rather than sliding it across the floor. · Keep pets’ claws properly trimmed to avoid excess scratches and gouges.
  • Place drip pans under indoor plants to avoid water leakage.
  • If necessary, clean with a well rung out mop with warm water and a PH neutral floor cleaner. BONA, WOCA and LOBA solutions are available from reputable flooring retailers. Consult instructions before use.
  • Our De Marque Oak products are all coated with a water based PU finish suitable for residential use. If coating repairs or future re-coating is required please contact a coating professional if you lack the experience to complete this task. Small repairs are possible to the surface coating however it is vital that a test sample with a compatible brand of water based PU coating is done prior to attempting the final in-situ repair. If samples are not available attempt a small test area in a cupboard or less visible location within the room. Touch up kits are available from reputable flooring retailers.

Prevention maintenance:

  • Do not steam mop or wet mop floor surface area after installation. Too much water may cause the planks to swell and warp and damage the surface coating.
  • Do not use waxes or common household cleaners or detergents on the floor. These types of common cleaners are very abrasive and will dull the finish and soften the coating reducing its durability.
  • For new installations avoid placing rugs or mats on the floor surface for at least 1 to 2 months. This should enable a more even exposure to natural and internal lighting.
  • Chairs with roller wheels must be placed on protective mats to protect the surface coating.
  • Do not let sand, dirt or grit build up on the floor surface.
  • Avoid walking in narrow point or stiletto heel shoes as they may damage the surface of your floor. · Do not use masking or other types of adhesive tapes on the surface coating of the plank as removal may result in coating damage.
  • Do not roll or slide heavy furniture or appliances across flooring.
  • Place drip pans or protective matting under animal feeding or bedding areas to avoid moisture ingress.
  • Importantly, make sure there is a minimum humidity of 35%- 50% in the room. Constant site variations above or below these limits may require the use of a humidifier. Good airflow and ventilation are required to avoid heat and cooling extremes. Long-term exposure may result in changes to the flooring surface. To resolve site specific circumstances please consult with your flooring Installer or retailer for advice.

Disclaimer: Goodwood Floors and its supplier has used its reasonable endeavours to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information contained herein and, to the extent permitted by law, will not be liable for any inaccuracies, omissions or errors in this information nor for any actions taken in reliance on this information. Products must be installed in accordance with relevant installation recommendations and industry best practices.

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